High Volume Manual Repetition: Bridging The Agile Gap - Building Business Capability


David Lutz

High Volume Manual Repetition: Bridging The Agile Gap


Friday, October 23, 2020


8:00 am


Farmers Insurance is using process operationalization to modernize the management of complex repetitive processes. Agile methodology is conceptually a dynamic approach to iterative development, and is rooted in project management. As such it is fundamentally driven by defining requirements and validating deliverables, and is not focused on HOW the work is completed. In this session we will be discussing how Farmers is reimagining the management of multi-user processes, which are run thousands of times a year, with human created deliverables. Process operationalization software creates automated project management to ensure consistency, accountability, and remove many of the pain points related to how work is managed across teams.

Attendees will learn:
How BPMN is transitioning into live process management
Practical application of process operationalization to solve real problems
How Farmers has simultaneously improved performance and UX

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