Harnessing the AI Revolution: Embracing ChatGPT and AI for Organizational Success - Building Business Capability


Joseph Ours

Harnessing the AI Revolution: Embracing ChatGPT and AI for Organizational Success


Tuesday, April 16, 2024


1:30 pm


Oceana Grand 8-10


With the proliferation of over 25,000 new AI tools like ChatGPT at the end of 2023, the AI industry is undergoing a massive expansion. This surge in AI technology is not just an industrial phenomenon, but an ongoing revolution that organizations need to get on board with immediately. Amid this technological gold rush, it is crucial to discern where and how AI dovetails into your organization’s products and services to stay competitive.

In this three-hour tutorial, we will dive into the AI revolution, focusing on the pivotal role of advanced technologies like ChatGPT in organizational success. We will explore the factors propelling ChatGPT’s viral moment, unpacking why its popularity should not have come as a surprise, but as an inevitable consequence of an increasingly AI-reliant landscape.

Emphasizing the urgency of AI adoption for both individual and corporate success, the presentation will provide tangible examples of how ChatGPT can enhance your teams’ productivity. It will offer insights into the critical factors your organization needs to consider for safe AI utilization.

Additionally, we will discuss AI capabilities and the essential building blocks required for effective AI solutions. This comprehensive talk aims to equip attendees with the knowledge and understanding to confidently navigate the impending AI explosion, thereby ensuring their organization’s survival and prosperity in the fast-evolving digital age.

It would be helpful for this session to bring a laptop and have a ChatGPT subscription – at least the free version [caveat that demand could limit your access] – but ChatGPT+ would be better.

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