From Data to Knowledge to Insights - Building Business Capability

From Data to Knowledge to Insights


Wednesday, May 10, 2023


1:30 pm


What can you do when you have the right data? And the data right? You can create knowledge-enabled solutions, and from there to new insights for doing business better.

IT and AI-focused professionals often worry most about the first question, getting the right data. In fact, the second question, getting the data right, is often the harder one. Whose job is it to get the data right? Can you defer to professionals with ‘data’ in their titles? In a fast-paced world of collaborative solutions, the answer is no. Every professional needs to be aware of data and what lies behind it, especially those interacting with business people or taking on product ownership.

Lots is happening in the data arena, with new techniques emerging to leverage explicit knowledge of various kinds. We will show you some. But the real challenge is how to create a data culture with a focus is on data quality and data availability, then distill insights from it that can drive action. Developing that culture and the related skills may be the best investment in productivity your organization has ever made.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what data culture is about and how to build it
  • Learn about data models, but also why they may be holding you back
  • Appreciate why rules are essential for data quality (and much more)
  • See how insights can be leveraged to sharpen action
  • Hear about success stories

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