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Enterprise Design Sprints: Co-creating Your Future Enterprise


Tuesday, November 12, 2019


9:00 am


Diplomat Ballroom 3


Since introduced by GV (Google Ventures), Design Sprints are a hot technique to accelerate the design of better products and services. But how to use them for enterprise-level innovation and transformation, from incremental progress to disruptive shifts? How to unleash our collective creativity and intelligence for seeing, visioning, strategizing, exploring, probing, prototyping, validating, building, and ultimately designing change at scale?

The Enterprise Design Sprint format makes this proven tool from the agile startup world enterprise-ready. In this workshop you will learn how to rapidly innovate and facilitate changes faster: engage your stakeholders, identify strategic options, and rapidly co-design, test and build innovative solutions. Compress weeks of work into just a few days.

We accomplish this with visual mappings of your Enterprise Design, expressed in the Enterprise Design Modelling Language (EDML). This enables us to go from the big picture, to details and back to the big picture again: making the links visible, bringing in data and insights, tracing performance and decisions, and engaging stakeholders. We’ll show how to run your own Enterprise Design Sprints, and how to integrate them with lean and agile approaches at scale.

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to Strategic Enterprise Design
  • Planning and running Enterprise Design Sprints for business impact
  • Break down silos and build up creative energy as a team muscle using the Design Sprint format
  • Using advanced enterprise mapping techniques as you go through the Sprint
  • Gain crystal clear alignment between stakeholders, business architects and team backlogs

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