Enlighten Your Big And Small Decisions Using Models And Tables - Building Business Capability

Enlighten Your Big And Small Decisions Using Models And Tables


Monday, June 27, 2022


1:30 pm


Regency 1


The rise of new data science techniques and applications for data-driven decision making is gaining increasing attention. But also the modeling and automation of the numerous small decisions the business has to take every day remains important. Decision modeling enables this decision transformation in the digital world. And it does so in a way which ensures correctness, consistency and compliance from the start.

With increasing demand for business process automation, the need for the automation of routine business decisions grows even more. In order to improve and speed up processes, also decisions have to be improved and automated. The business logic of those decisions must be captured effectively and correctly by the business. Decision table models offer unique features such as consistency, completeness, correctness.

This tutorial takes you from the secrets behind knowledge-based decision intelligence to decision table methodology, including best practices, examples and experiences, for modeling decision rules by domain experts in real business situations (insurance, finance, legislation, healthcare, operating procedures, …).

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • How to shape related decision rules into correct and agile decision tables
  • How to organize the full lifecycle of business decisions: from specification to execution and explanation
  • A simple 8 step method to construct decision tables in the DMN standard
  • How decision modeling can be used with, without, before or next to business process modeling
  • And mainly: lessons from a long experience on how to use decision table models for business analysis in numerous application domains

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