Empower Your Customers with Rules-Driven Online Experiences - Building Business Capability


Jasmine Lee

Empower Your Customers with Rules-Driven Online Experiences


Friday, October 23, 2020


10:15 am


Business rules are about more than documenting organizations’ internal operations. Today’s digital technology, including chatbots and wizards, also creates new possibilities for automated yet personalized customer service — driven by natural language business rules that apply logic to customer queries. This session will use commercial and government vignettes to advocate for a new approach to rules-driven customer self-service — delivered automatically and when customers need help the most. It will show how business rules are key to boosting organisations’ customer satisfaction and market competitiveness, and to governments’ delivery of rapid assistance to people who need it most, while also maximizing regulatory compliance.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how business rules can be deployed for multiple end-user personas
  • Discover how business rules can drive customer service and improved customer satisfaction
  • Explore different types of rules-driven application, including chatbots and online self-service

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