Developing the nimble characteristics - Adapt or die - Building Business Capability

Developing the nimble characteristics - Adapt or die


Thursday, May 11, 2023


8:00 am



To survive in the current competitive business environment an organization must develop the capability to sense changes in its environment and respond adequately in small learning cycles based on a clear business vision. Implementing an Agile framework or methodology is not enough. The organization’s task force must be business-driven, empowered to take decisions, and enabled with the correct skills and structure.

Through a practical and engaging group exercise of building a product, this workshop will illustrate the 8 characteristics of a nimble organization:

1. Clarity of purpose and mission

2. Decentralized leadership and decision-making

3. Culture of employee enablement and empowerment

4. Customer and market value stream focused

5. Prioritize through an outcome-oriented funding model

6. Use dynamic talent allocation

7. Balance of rigor and flexibility in processes

8. Development of a strong core of technology, data architecture, and standards

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