Designing Work: Business Processes are Here to Stay - Building Business Capability


Roger Burlton

Designing Work: Business Processes are Here to Stay


Thursday, November 14, 2019


11:40 am


Great Hall 4 & 5


We all know, by now, that siloed approaches to managing ‘work’ are, at best, suboptimal and at worst a nightmare. With all the changes and pressures organizations face today, getting processes right is more important than ever. Customer experience and value delivery demands it. Information management and data quality is impossible without it. Business performance management and cross-functional business governance needs its aligned framework. Operational risk and compliance programs start with a process structure to establish controls for auditors to assess. Defining SOPs, roles and work instructions for workers are derived from process designs. Software design and development must know the requirements to connect the end to end dots. A digitalized process still follows a business workflow needed to assure data integrity. Agile software development needs a clear process scope and purpose. Culture change requires a framework to enable it to stick.

No matter if you are dealing with enterprise-wide concerns or detailed development of specific business capabilities, a process-oriented approach just delivers better results.

This ‘back to the future’ session will visit the most effective ways to use business processes to deliver better outcomes in all your efforts.

  • Enterprise/Business level process practices
  • Process design practices for customer value and an agile business
  • Process modeling choices for business and software design
  • Governance and ownership myths and realities
  • The growing usage of processes for concurrently managing performance, risk and compliance

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