Designing a Data Literacy Programme: A Case Study - Building Business Capability

Designing a Data Literacy Programme: A Case Study


Wednesday, May 10, 2023


2:55 pm


Part of our digital transformation at Loyalty NZ is changing the mindset around data. Our vision is for everyone to be fluent in the language of Loyalty data so that we can critically read, discuss, and make decisions with our data and take advantage of technological advances. We have invested in an organisation-wide data literacy programme so that we can safely move away from centralised data analysis toward self-service and wider access. This case study explores how we approached the design, delivery, and measurement of a pragmatic and tailored data literacy programme for our organisation of just under 150 people. We explore our approach to Role analysis and Data Topic selection and how these two come together to form the foundational framework for our data literacy programme. We explain how we have applied educational design techniques to the development of each of our literacy modules. And finally, we describe how we are implementing our data programme and measurement framework.

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