Corporate Research: Achieving Business Agility through Business Analysis Capability - Building Business Capability


Keith Ellis

Corporate Research: Achieving Business Agility through Business Analysis Capability


Tuesday, June 28, 2022


1:30 pm


Great Hall 3


Business agility is “velocity with direction” it is not about randomized change, it is about incremental and iterative change in the right direction.  The concept of business agility and building a more change oriented and agile business is catching fire – and it is almost a repurposing of Moore’s law… every half cycle there is twice as much change, and the change is twice as complex to deal with. Legislative changes like GDPR, the requirements on user experience driven by social media, domain specific changes like anti-money laundering, global sourcing, cyber-security and the change in threat exposure, and obvious change like the pandemic/virtualization are just a few of the past 5 years.  

Our premise is that business analysis is central to achieving a more agile and change ready business.  Change is all about process coupled with enabling technologies. Mindful change is all about getting the nuance of the process right within a larger change activity. 

Come join us as we unveil our research findings into the value or contribution of business analysis to organizations as well as looking at emergent needs in the market and how business analysis contributes to those needs. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • What is the future of business analysis? 
  • What value does business analysis bring to organizations as they attempt to change more rapidly? 
  • What are the emergent needs of organizations? 

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