Closing The Loop on Data-driven Process Transformation - Building Business Capability


J-M Erlendson

Closing The Loop on Data-driven Process Transformation


Thursday, October 22, 2020


3:05 pm


Making the right decision on how and where to transform processes requires the right information and approach to ensure that projects are focused on what matters – targeting smart KPIs and improving key customer experiences. To gather and effectively use the right information, process and architecture professionals need to internalize a data-driven approach and methodology, identifying what matters, sources of truth, outcome patterns and semantic meanings. In this session, attendees will have the opportunity to walk through the lifecycle of a data-driven improvement initiative, showing when and where data should be gathered, used for decision-making, monitored, and reported. Each phase will be separately analyzed in-depth, highlighting key inputs, outputs and methods. Finally, the session will discuss a case study where this approach was used to successfully address key challenges in a multinational organization, and what outcomes were achieved.

Learning Objectives:

  • Where to find Key Data to better understand transformation needs
  • What customer and transaction data are telling you
  • What steps are needed in the transformation lifecycle to leverage data and customer needs
  • How to turn data insights into people, process and technology transformation plans
  • Building a data-driven business case for process transformation
  • Using continuous data to realize benefits and course-correct inflight

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