Case Study: Visualizing data in context for a theme park operator​ - Building Business Capability


Scott Helmers

Case Study: Visualizing data in context for a theme park operator​


Wednesday, May 10, 2023


2:55 pm


Alliance 305


The key to successful data visualization is context. Charts and graphs on a BI dashboard are great, but without context you’re likely to miss key insights. For example, the red bars on a hospital’s environmental monitoring dashboard may alert you that a problem exists, but when you can click the red bars and see the exact location of the problem on a floor plan, you can develop an immediate response. Similarly, when a dashboard includes a network diagram that shows real-time server status and you can click a failed server to see the data required to initiate a fix, you’re two steps ahead. How do you achieve this level of insight? One easy way is to embed a Visio diagram in a Power BI report. This session features live demonstrations of two business cases for a theme park operator. Both have the same goal: getting data into the hands of frontline workers in an easy-to-use visual format. You probably don’t manage a theme park, but you probably do need to visualize data more effectively.

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