Business Architecture: Establishing your operating model as a core strategic asset - Building Business Capability


Terry Roach

Business Architecture: Establishing your operating model as a core strategic asset


Wednesday, May 10, 2023


9:35 am


Alliance 316


The modern enterprise is in a state of constant transformation. Faced with unrelenting pressure to innovate and adapt to a continuously evolving digital landscape, competitive advantage is shifting to those organizations that can dynamically adjust and adapt their business operating models to capture and maintain market leadership.

However, traditional approaches to planning for change rely on slow, centralized decision-making, hampered by poor line-of-sight into the cause and effect of business bottlenecks. Operational agility has become essential to success; there is no room for slow and steady. This agile imperative demands a new, more integrated approach that breaks through siloed perspectives with holistic insights into the complex interdependencies of the business operation.

In this context, the strategic value of an explicitly articulated business operating model and the knowledge engineering skill of business architects have emerged as key strategic enablers.

In this session, you will learn the following:

  • Why business architects are emerging as strategic enablers of change
  • Why transformation leaders are turning to business capability maps over delivery roadmaps
  • Why the business operating model is your company’s most important strategic asset

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