Business Agility Fast Track - The Dynamically Adaptable Business - Building Business Capability

Business Agility Fast Track - The Dynamically Adaptable Business


Monday, October 19, 2020


1:30 pm



Is your business looking for agility? To remain relevant and competitive in today’s  business environment, companies must be able to sense changes and adapt their behavior quickly. To achieve that goal I see 2 different main strategies:

  1. Small autonomous multidisciplinary teams, capable of fast solution development;
  2. Configurable business solutions, able to change without new development.

The second strategy is certain faster, cheaper and less risky.  It is,  unfortunately, not always available. A smart company should use both strategies, but keeping the focus of the teams on strategy 1 to deliver the solutions expected in strategy 2.

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • How you can increase business agility by configuring processes and rules.
  • How to create business knowledge bases during a requirement management process.
  • The key techniques to map business knowledge.

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