Building Resilience through Business Capabilities - Building Business Capability

Building Resilience through Business Capabilities


Wednesday, June 29, 2022


11:35 am


Diplomat 3


See and hear how one of the world’s leading cultural institutions created new business models during the pandemic.

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam – home to Rembrandt’s famous ‘Nightwatch’ – mapped their business capabilities to a granularity level that enabled them not only to create entirely new value chains with existing capabilities, but also to prioritize areas of innovation.

And innovate they sure did….

In 2020, Rijksmuseum launched a complete digital twin – a unique and completely digital audio-visual experience of over 8000 of the museum’s objects. Join us for a mesmerizing walk-through of the Rijksmuseum’s most beloved masterpieces, and hear first-hand how taking a business capability approach to your architecture can make the difference between surviving or thriving in the age of digital transformation.

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