Building, Deploying, and Orchestrating Complex Decision Services - Building Business Capability


Jacob Feldman

Building, Deploying, and Orchestrating Complex Decision Services


Thursday, October 22, 2020


2:00 pm



This presentation demonstrates how business analysts without help from IT can build, test, and deploy business decision models as cloud microservices. We will select a loan origination use case that is commonly used to demonstrate the capabilities of the DMN standard. Contrary to traditional implementations, we will show how to split a usually monolithic system into multiple decision microservices that could be tested separately and deployed as AWS Lambda functions. Then we will demonstrate how to use state machines to orchestrate these microservices to build various decision-making applications in the loan origination domain. This presentation intends to show that the representation of business knowledge remains the most important part of decision management. It will demystify the complexity of cloud-based development of operational decision services allowing subject matter experts to concentrate on their business issues while the modern cloud platforms take care of operational problems.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to build and deploy operational decision services
  • How to orchestrate decision microservices
  • Demonstrating a complex cloud-based decision-making application

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