BIG Benefits from BIG Change - Building Business Capability

BIG Benefits from BIG Change


Monday, November 11, 2019


9:00 am


Atlantic Ballroom 2


These are difficult times for process improvement.

The failure rate for process projects remains around 75% and the impact of process improvement is too often internally focused, with limited benefits for customers. The Operational Excellence explosion has produced a large quantity of incremental “better sameness” with diminishing returns from easy quick wins.

But our functional silos are still here. Their fragmentation causes huge cost and speed problems. Until organizations find the right battering rams to knock down those feudal castles, large-scale process improvement benefits can never be achieved.

But the time has come to embrace big change. 

Big Change can produce Big Benefits, but it can also cause big headaches if done wrong.

This important tutorial will illuminate the path to launching and succeeding at Big Change. Using cases studies, this session will focus on the core tasks needed for success such as: finding the right sponsor, team, target, and and change management approach.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • The core tasks for redesigning a process for big performance improvemment 
  • How to conduct state of the art change management
  • How to ensure process, people, and technology changes are aligned and integrated

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