Beyond 80/20: Embrace The ‘Exceptions’! - Building Business Capability


Adrian Reed

Beyond 80/20: Embrace The ‘Exceptions’!


Wednesday, June 29, 2022


8:00 am


Diplomat 3


In the late 1890s, Pareto showed that 80% of the wealth in Italy was controlled by 20% of the population. 130 years later the ‘Pareto principle’ is still used to determine what is ‘mainstream’ and what is an ‘exception’. But should it be?

All too often, applying the principle simplistically leads to services and processes being designed that marginalize vulnerable stakeholder groups. However, it doesn’t have to be this way and there are a range of tools that can be used by BAs to help ensure this trap is avoided. In this presentation you will hear:

  • The importance of understanding ‘variety’, and how this relates to service design
  • Practical approaches for understanding stakeholders and their perspectives
  • How journey maps and personas work well, but alone they aren’t enough
  • How ‘persona overlays’ can be helpful in ensuring design is inclusive

This presentation focuses on practical tools, and blends ideas from service design, systems thinking and business analysis

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