Becoming Nimble: Igniting the adaptable organization through BA - Building Business Capability

Becoming Nimble: Igniting the adaptable organization through BA


Monday, April 15, 2024


1:30 pm


Oceana Grand 11-12


Something must be wrong! A lot of organizations invested in Agile frameworks, trainings, and practices (sprints, scrums, retros!) and are still unable to deliver the speed and flexibility they desire. When they talk about Agile they usually struggle to differentiate DOING agile (by using methods and frameworks) from BEING agile (acting according to the agile mindset and achieving measurable results).

To avoid this ambiguity we prefer to use the term “NIMBLE”. Nimble was defined by IIBA in a Global Research for Business Leadership as “the scalable capability for organizations to sense and respond to change”. This study presents that the key to being nimble is not specific methods or frameworks, but the organization’s business analysis capability. Yes, you can play a key role in your organization’s nimbleness.

In this tutorial, Fabrício and Filip dive into the details of this IIBA report connecting its eight practices with tangible business analysis capabilities and related approaches

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