Becoming an Agent for Change in an Agile Environment - Building Business Capability

Becoming an Agent for Change in an Agile Environment


Tuesday, June 28, 2022


2:55 pm


Regency 2


Organizations have moved to more “Agile” approaches to enable them to respond quickly and easily to new market opportunities and customer demands. As a result, Agile has quickened the pace of change initiatives and significantly impacted how change is managed and implemented. This impact goes well beyond those generally responsible for leading organizational change. Anyone, whether actively involved in and/or impacted by change, need to understand how they can contribute effectively to the adoption of change. A slow or poor adoption will result in the benefits and value not being realized, frustrated employees, and an increased resistance to anything new. This session offers several tips to help the agile professional manage change in an agile environment and introduces you to the concept of the “agile change agent”.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the key components of an agile change approach
  • Understand how to prioritize change activities according to their business value
  • Learn how to build a sustaining environment for the change

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