BA’s can move mountains (& Tax Authorities) - Building Business Capability

BA’s can move mountains (& Tax Authorities)


Thursday, April 18, 2024


4:45 pm



Guernsey’s revenue service collects over £600m per year for Guernsey’s government.  In 2018 – the Director of the Revenue Services was facing significant challenges – two separate services (Income Tax and Contributions) which had their own laws and regulations written in English and French and with different definitions for employment and assessment which would require legal changes; running on separate 1980’s/90’s legacy systems which only computed overnight and both will be switched off in 2025 whether needed or not; with staff who had often been in post for 30+ years doing the same job the same way; and neither organisation were great at acknowledging that the organisations and individuals who paid tax and contributions were customers.  Then we created the start of a BA practice…The journey has not been smooth, on-prem vs cloud, COVID and politics have provided many lessons but the real danger is that now the Revenue Service will never let the BA team leave.

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