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Adrian Reed

Avoiding The “Solution Illusion”: Practical Techniques For Improving Business Outcomes


Monday, May 8, 2023


9:00 am


Alliance 305


Imagine the scene: You’ve been parachuted into a business area, and there are all sorts of conflicting stakeholder perspectives. One thing they agree on is they want change, and they want it now! They tell you that they desperately need a new IT system… but the more people you speak to, the more you start to doubt whether the IT system they have in mind will actually solve their problems. 
In fact, when you scratch beneath the surface, it seems that different stakeholders are trying to achieve vastly different things.  Not only this, there is a pressure to “just get going” and “stop asking questions and get on with it”. But you can’t help feeling that if the initiative charges ahead it’ll be an expensive mistake that won’t solve the underlying problems. In fact it might even make things worse!
If this sounds familiar, then this half day interactive and ‘hands-on’ session is for you.  We’ll cover some practical tools and techniques that can help you collaborate with stakeholders to understand the real business need and gain buy-in along the way.

During this session you’ll hear techniques for:

  • Analyzing the stakeholder landscape (including the politics)
  • Understanding problems, root causes and the real business need
  • Ensuring there is a common view on what is being achieved by an initiative
  • Working with stakeholders to ‘step back’ and innovate

This is a practical session with a range of hands-on exercises where you’ll have the chance to practice a few techniques during the session. You’ll walk away with a practical and applicable toolkit that you can apply in your day job.

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