AI Playtime - Ignite Your Leadership and Communication Skills with AI - continued, Pt 2 - Building Business Capability

AI Playtime - Ignite Your Leadership and Communication Skills with AI - continued, Pt 2


Thursday, April 18, 2024


3:05 pm


Oceana Grand 11-12


Join AI Playtime and be empowered to confidently utilize AI to enhance workflow efficiency and boost productivity. We provide a guided exercise to explore various AI capabilities, including prompt engineering, image generation and image understanding to solve diverse business scenarios.

With your fellow team members you’ll curate AI-generated content using a variety of AI tools, with a crack team of advisors on hand to provide guidance and assist if things get tricky. 
Participants will familiarize themselves with a range of AI tools prevalent in the industry and develop proficiency in interacting with AI chatbots. Experience how to use AI tools for Marketing, Vendor Selection, Policy Guidelines, Risk Assessments, Sales Proposals, Legal Documents, Financial Documents, HR, Operational Procedures, Business / Project Plans.

Workshop Skills: AI Proficiency, Prompt Engineering, Content Generation, Proofreading Expertise, AI Integration, Semantic Analysis, Efficiency Optimization, Process Automation, Creative AI.

As an interactive group exercise AI Playtime is spread across three session slots on Thursday afternoon – we encourage you to join all three.


Vanessa Lam
Danelkis Serra


Fabricio Laguna
Vince Mirabelli
Curtis Zhao

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