A Question of Balance: Is product-centric enough? - Building Business Capability


Roger Burlton

A Question of Balance: Is product-centric enough?


Thursday, May 11, 2023


10:30 am


Alliance 304


We keep hearing that we have to focus our approach in order to ensure that our organizations become and remain effective. There has been a never-ending series of the next, right ‘one thing’ over the years, each of which we are told is the ‘one’ for us. Currently we are being told that we need to become Product-centric and we will be OK – problems solved. Experience, however, tells us, that if we overdo any ‘one thing’ we will be disappointed. We have been through Customer centric, Data centric, Capability centric, Strategy centric, and Process centric, among others. As we add Product into our thinking, these other concepts cannot be ignored – a balance is needed. So, will adding a product fixation be sufficient or another disappointing ‘silver bullet’? The reality is that all perspectives must be considered in harmony with one another for holistic solutions. This session will discuss what Product centric means and how the other aspects should interplay for optimal results.

  • What does product centric mean?
  • Why a focused centricity is the enemy of balance
  • How product, process, customer and capability orientations must work together

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