A Case Study – Team Succeeds Against The Odds - Building Business Capability


Kim Beynon

A Case Study – Team Succeeds Against The Odds


Wednesday, October 21, 2020


3:10 pm


You have been brought in to take over a team.  The team currently in place is not performing.  You have six weeks to deliver a program converting from one carrying broker to another along with all downstream bespoke systems. It is well known in the market that your current carrying broker is in financial distress.  The timeline has been dictated by the regulators.  If you don’t succeed the business can’t trade, no revenue will be earned, you will lose your client base.  The stakes are high!  No, this is not an academic case – it really happened.  What made the newly formed team succeed when the previous team did not?  Come to this session to find out and learn how you too, can turn failure into success.

Learn How To:

  • Deliver a Program the Executive Team Doesn’t Believe is Possible but Must be Done
  • Build and Manage a Cohesive Team Under Extreme Pressure
  • Manage Stakeholders in a Fluid High Pressure Environment
  • Dissolve the Team’s Fear and Inspire Them to Achieve the Impossible

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