Coronavirus - Building Business Capability

Important information on the coronavirus

(as of July 22, 2020)


BBC 2020 will be delivered virtually, live-streamed, on the planned dates, October 19-23, rather than live in Las Vegas as originally planned.

We recently surveyed all the registered attendees for this year’s Building Business Capability to ask whether they’d prefer to attend in person or virtually from home. A clear majority would prefer to attend from home, with many being unable to attend live events due to their employer’s policies, being or living with someone in a high risk category, or thinking it’s not prudent to travel.

The good health of all participants at our events is our guiding principle, and we’re confident going virtual is the best way to keep all our stakeholders safe.

There is a key advantage to the virtual experience. The Tutorials and Sessions will be available as recordings after the live event, so you’ll be able to attend those you missed live at your leisure – imagine attending every single tutorial and conference session at BBC (or perhaps better – every single session you want to attend, without worrying about clashes).

It is possible to register for just the livestream event, or the livestream plus recordings, as you prefer.


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