Coronavirus - Building Business Capability

Important information on the coronavirus

(as of December 11, 2020)


2021 will continue to be a challenging environment to present live events. Like most of the events industry we’re confident the delivery and uptake of vaccines during the year will turn the tide of the pandemic and gradually create an environment where it is both safe to attend a live event and perceived to be so by a majority of the potential attendees. When exactly this point will arrive is the subject of much speculation!

Should BBC 2021 be delivered virtually, live-streamed, on the planned dates, October 25-29, or live in Fort Lauderdale as originally planned?

When we surveyed the registered attendees for 2020’s Building Business Capability to ask whether they’d prefer to attend in person or virtually from home, a clear majority preferred to attend from home, with many being unable to attend live events due to their employer’s policies, being or living with someone in a high risk category, or thinking it’s not prudent to travel.

The good health of all participants at our events is our guiding principle, and we’re confident going virtual in 2020 was the best way to keep all our stakeholders safe.

For 2021 we are also surveying all stakeholders to check their preferences and will post here as soon as we have a decision.

While nothing can replace a live event, there is a key advantage to the virtual experience (apart from safety). The Tutorials and Sessions are available as recordings after the live event, so you’re able to attend those you missed live at your leisure – imagine attending every single tutorial and conference session at BBC (or perhaps better – every single session you want to attend, without worrying about clashes).

Live or virtual, BBC is the premier experience for everyone striving to enhance their organization’s business capability.


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