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Do you ever wonder why some people absolutely love their work, get all the interesting projects, and are consistently being rewarded for their efforts, while others seem stuck and never get a break? Which side of the pendulum would you like to be on?

There is a success path for business analysts, and there are universal laws of success that can guide you to creating your dream job, here and now. And getting on it is easier than you think. It’s not about working harder or spending countless hours perfecting documentation. It is about applying tried and true laws of success, to show up with confidence and earn the respect you deserve.

You’ll leave this presentation inspired to take the simple, straight-forward, high-impact actions that will get you on the path to your dream job, and elevate you and your business analyst career.

Learning Objectives:

Are you leveraging your resources to develop the right-fit business analysis approach? What are your best choices based on different variables and situations? The Business Analysis Core Concept Model™ (BACCM) is a valuable framework to evaluate the characteristics that make initiatives unique. This evaluation process can help business analysts tailor their work to the initiative. Hints and tips are provided to re-evaluate and adjust the approach as different situations arise. Each BACCM core concept is addressed with case study examples.

Learning Objectives:

• Do you believe you behave ethically at work?

• Have you even thought about it?

The world we live in has moved from a physical realm to one where we now live partly digitally. It is growing organically,  with every bright idea leading to a thousand new opportunities. But who decides what is the right thing to do in this new world? Well, we do! The professionals and the teams that create it.

So far the results have been patchy. There are some great forces for good and some dangerous abuses of the new technologies.

This highly interactive session will explore modern ethics and allow you to learn something of the inner thinking of your fellow attendees!

Learning Objectives:

Unprecedented changes in the business context are forcing organizations to take stock of the current capabilities of their workforce. Consequently, business analysis professionals will have to master new skills as their current jobs evolve alongside the rise of digitalization, capable machines and changing business practices. Both organizations and practitioners need to chalk out a future-ready career architecture for business analysis roles.

This presentation offers an evidence-based framework to create an effective strategy for reskilling, competency building and underlying career architecture to address the business analysis skills gap.

Key Takeaways

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