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IIBA has been working with leading security experts and our own BA experts on an effort to define how the BA role should assist in assuring that the applications and solutions we define requirements for, design and help build are fit for purpose and that they meet the business needs.  In this era of non-stop security concerns, it is often top of mind for business executives to know that security is covered.  BA’s are involved in cyber-security to help the business decision makers to make good security decisions, and to work with the deep experts to implement the necessary security. 

Ranging from working with the non-functional requirements aspects of business analysis has always been important to the profession.  This presentation will cover the basics of security and will talk to the key topics and the level of involvement and knowledge required to be effective to speak in business terms on each topic area.  It is specific look at how business analysts, data analysts, and process analysts need to understand security.

The key in the outcome is to assure that the business and the technical community can interact to assure that security is built in from the ground up and not bolted on.  It will show how decisions that balance security and ease of access, access control decisions, and platform decisions all are part of the new realm of non-functional requirements. 

This session is a must see for all who care about learning more about how BA’s and the associated professions need to learn what areas they need to focus their learning on, and hear from practitioners who are doing work in industries that are deeply concerned about security considerations.  

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