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Digital Transformation has changed fundamentally the way organizations operate. New digital tools are available with increasing regularity – and many of them have the potential for a major impact. They enable the transformation of business processes to become more efficient, agile, meet compliance requirements, enhance customer experience or improve the general quality of deliverables. They may help achieve a level of process performance not previously envisaged. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of those digital enablers which has been applied, or at least discussed in many organizations as practice reports and conference presentations show. This process technology is becoming a mainstream trend, relevant for many businesses.

However, many organizations struggle to realize the full potential of RPA. According to newer statistics even 30-50% of RPA initiatives fail completely. The presentation discusses opportunities and challenges of applying RPA as process improvement approach. It shows how RPA can be a powerful solution but it also points out how it may become a dangerous illusion. The presentation describes how organizations address the challenges and realize the opportunities this digital technology brings to the table. It proposes a process-led approach that helps to focus on the right sub-processes to automate, improve those business processes considering the end-to-end context and sustain the results through appropriate governance and hybrid workforce management. Agile principles are combined with the required focus and direction. The approach leverages the capabilities of business process management (BPM) to realize the full value of RPA, fast and at minimal risk.

All findings are illustrated using case examples, mainly from financial and high-tech companies. Key methods and tools are explained in the context of those practice cases. 

Learning Objectives:

While the current AI fascination is fueled by Machine Learning, the architecture and application landscape is being redesigned around Microservices and APIs. These technologies are combining forces to affect many facets of business, creating a paradigm shift all around you. Do you know how to take advantage of the tsunami created by these technologies?

In this session, we will explain these technologies and how to extract business value from them. We will demonstrate how line of business people can integrate machine learning into business decisions that are explainable, auditable, and traceable and how they can easily assemble business automations that orchestrate a series of microservices via modern API platforms. With this knowledge in hand, you will be ready to face the next wave of technologies that are hitting your organization.

Learning Objectives:

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