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Scot Halley


Superintendent, Uniform Operations


Winnipeg Police Service


In June 2016, Scot was appointed to the rank of Superintendent. He currently serves as the Superintendent overseeing Operational Support.

Superintendent Halley is a 26 year veteran of the Winnipeg Police Service. He joined the Service in 1994 after completing his post-secondary education. Throughout his career, he has worked his way through the ranks in various areas of the Service, including General Patrol, Criminal Investigations, Community Support, Homicide Unit, Organized Crime Unit, Human Resources Division, Street Crime Unit, Tactical Support Team and Canine Unit.

In 2011 Superintendent Halley was promoted to the senior management rank of Inspector. He was assigned to Uniform Operations in the Duty Office for two years where he was responsible for overseeing the day to day street operations of the Service. In 2013, he assumed the role of Commander of the Community Support Division. Here, he was in charge of the Central Traffic Unit and the Community Relations Unit, which is comprised of the Auxiliary Cadet Section, Crime Prevention Section, Diversity Section, School Education Section, School Resource Officer Section, Victim Services Section and the Mounted Patrol Section.

In April of 2014, Superintendent Halley was assigned to Uniform Operations once again when he was given command of Division 11 (Central Division). Here, he was responsible for the overall leadership and operation of the Division.

Superintendent Halley is a graduate of the 260th session of the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy (FBINA). He currently serves as an Executive member of the North West Chapter of the FBINA Associates.

Superintendent Halley received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Manitoba in 1990. He was accepted into the Izzy Asper School of Business later that same year, where he pursued his Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree prior to joining the Winnipeg Police Service.

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