Why Business Analysts are the Perfect Unicorns for Data Science - Building Business Capability

Why Business Analysts are the Perfect Unicorns for Data Science


Friday, November 15, 2019


10:55 am


Data Science is the most exciting job of the 21st Century, according to Harvard Business Review. Everybody is searching for data scientists – high-ranking professional with the skills, mindset and curiosity to make discoveries in the world of data. But who are those people? And most important, how to be most productive as data scientist? Business Analysts know IT and Business Domain. They have deep business knowledge and are used to ask the right questions to bring value. Data Scientists analyze big data and find conclusions through statistics and Machine Learning. Both have the right tools and methodologies in place and both skillsets overlap, like both need knowledge in stakeholder analysis, elicitation, story telling as well as having the right technical and mathematical skills. Business Analysis and Data Science combined play a major role in our endeavor to become a data driven corporation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Role of Business Analysis in Data Science
  • Business Analysis Skillset for Data Science
  • Collaboration between Data Scientists and Business Analysts

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