Ground Zero to Hero: Product Definition to Minimum Viable Product - Building Business Capability


Amy Merritt

Ground Zero to Hero: Product Definition to Minimum Viable Product


Wednesday, November 13, 2019


2:00 pm


MVP.  It’s a word that we hear a lot as our companies are moving toward Agile and Product Management.  It can be a very misunderstood concept, and that is often because this is where people try to start.  But successful delivery of Minimum Viable Product does not begin with defining the MVP.  It really begins with discovering and defining the Product itself.  Then, it goes on to creating and casting a vision for the Product.  Only then can the MVP be clearly defined, detailed, managed and delivered.  This workshop will take you through the journey from ground zero to being the MVP Hero using a combination of presentation, discussion and group exercises.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn strategies for discovering a Product
  • Gain confidence in determining and casting a Product Vision
  • Understand how to create a Product Roadmap
  • Practicing the rituals to get from Features to User Stories and beyond
  • Get insights in measuring and tracking your progress
  • Understand how much recognition and celebration matters. Even for the fails.

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