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Jim Comer


Principal, Comer Communications


Comer Communications


I’ve worked as a speaker, speechwriter and speech coach for more than thirty years in New York, Los Angeles and Austin. My first speechwriting assignment was for the CEO of Avon Products who loved my speech but was truly terribe I heard him practice it. I told him he could be “even better” if we could rehearse a few times. He didn’t fire me and I used my acting class background to help him smile, pause, make eye contact and use body language. He was a hit and I became a speech coach overnight. Since then I’ve worked with hundreds of executives, sales people, professionals from all backgrounds, and candidates for governor of Texas and Lt. Governor of California. I’ve done presentation skills workshops and spoken on presentation skills in 26 states, Canada and Mexico. What I enjoy most is seeing people overcome fear of speaking, share their individuality, make a few points well, and be the best of themselves in front of any audience anywhere.

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